15 Things NME Learnt This Week (3/1/2014)

  • We're only a week into 2014, but we've already learned a lot. Let's kick off with the news we've all been waiting for - a Kanye West inspired Bitcoin rival called 'Coinye West' will launch on January 11. The makers of the online currency are offering Yeezy 100,000 coins to namecheck them.

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    Added: 10 Sep 2013

  • Lorde has revealed that she shared a "beautiful moment" with David Bowie at Tilda Swinton's 53rd birthday party (as you do). She says Bowie held her hands and gazed into her eyes while he told her that her music felt like "listening to tomorrow".

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    Added: 01 Oct 2013

  • We found out that Paris Hilton is one of the Top Five DJs in the world this week, according to.. err.. Paris Hilton. Despite her success on her own personal scale, she didn't make Forbes' round up of highest earning DJs - Calvin Harris, Tiesto, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and Deadmau5 took the top spots.

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    Added: 16 Sep 2010

  • Pixies surprised us with the release of a limited edition EP named 'EP 2' this week. It's available to download from the band's website, but superfans can snap up one of 4000 vinyl copies (coming with lossless audio download and a black hoodie).


    Added: 26 Sep 2013

  • This week we learned Azealia Banks has delayed her album again. Originally confirmed for release in September 2012, 'Broke With Expensive Taste' now won't drop until March.

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    Added: 07 May 2013

  • Alex Turner educated us in the importance of good grooming this week. The Arctic Monkeys' frontman has said that the band are looking to hire a personal hairdresser to go on the road with them.

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    Added: 08 Nov 2013

  • After saying it was London - not Liverpool - that propelled The Beatles to success last year, Boris Johnson was taught a lesson in culture by Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson. "It's another embarrassing gaffe by him, which he'll have to apologise for," said Joe.

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    Added: 05 Nov 2013

  • MIA announced she'd quit Roc Nation on December 31. The singer was believed to have a strained relationship with her management team who've recently signed Grimes and Haim. Looking for a job? She's recruiting a new team on Twitter.

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    Added: 06 Dec 2013

  • Josh Homme and Jay-Z are buddies again. The pair had a bit of a tiff in September 2013 when the Queens Of The Stone Age singer got frisked at Jay's music festival and branded the rapper a "kook", but all's resolved now. "We had a conversation," Homme told Rolling Stone, "I think we saw each other's point of view pretty clear. In fact, he told me his own family had a problem with security."

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    Added: 19 Dec 2013

  • When PJ Harvey edited Radio 4's Today programme we discovered that although she now has an MBE, the singer is still totally anti-establishment. Dissing David Cameron, Barack Obama and the Olympics, she invited Guantanamo Bay detainee Shaker Aamer and Julian Assange to make controversial guest appearances.

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    Added: 11 Dec 2013

  • This week Joey Jordison informed us that he did not quit Slipknot. The drummer - who was reported to have left the band late last year - says he was "blindsided" by his exit but can't give away any more details about his mysterious departure.

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    Added: 03 Jan 2014

  • If we hadn't guessed Lily Allen's opinion on celebrity culture already, the singer made it clear in an interview with Esquire. Describing modern stars as "a bunch of sterile fucking Botoxed idiots that stank of desperation", she described how life in the spotlight made her feel like a "little bullied girl at school".

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    Added: 04 Dec 2013

  • We discovered that NASA representatives are not Beyonce fans. They branded her use of a clip on track 'XO', taken from the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster, "inappropriate in the extreme".

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    Added: 24 May 2013

  • Pete Tong "thought someone was joking" when he found out he was going to be awarded an MBE in New Year Honours List. "I'm proud for my Mum actually, and what it means to her," he said.

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    Added: 11 Aug 2011

  • And finally, we got an insight into the future of music as we learned that in 2013 album sales were down by 13 per cent compared to 2012, while music streaming doubled, accounting for 10 per cent of record label revenue.

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    Added: 15 Nov 2012