15 Things NME Learnt This Week

  • Justin Timberlake wants to be a Batman villain The singer revealed he’d love to take over the green leotard from Jim Carrey, who played The Riddler in 1995’s ‘Batman Forever’. He told a New York radio station, “the villain I want to play more than anything is The Riddler. If I'm gonna play crazy, I wanna play proper crazy”.

    Photo: Pooneh Ghana/NME

    Added: 15 Jul 2013

  • Lily Allen might be releasing a new album soon She posted an image on Twitter featuring the words ‘Listen Watch Follow’ accompanied by the message ‘Soon come’.

    Photo: Tom Oxley/NME

    Added: 13 Jan 2012

  • Flying Lotus' Grand Theft Auto V looks pretty cool Producer and rapper Flying Lotus has been given his own radio station in the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V computer game. As well as featuring his own music the station will play songs by Tyler, The Creator, Outkast, Aphex Twin, Hudson Mohawk and Clams Casino.

    Photo: Press

    Added: 20 Sep 2010

  • Noel Gallagher doesn’t write songs for us He told the Mail On Sunday, ‘I don’t write songs for The Observer or The Guardian, or for the NME or Mojo. I’m not bothered about pushing the envelope. I wanted everyone to like Oasis, not just some people in Oxford, a few people in Hull and a couple of people in Glasgow”.

    Photo: PA

    Added: 31 Jul 2013

  • The inventor of the foam finger is annoyed with Miley Cyrus Adding to the continuing list of people offended by Miley Cyrus, the inventor of the foam finger has spoken out about her VMA performance. He joins the Parent’s Television Council and the Teddy Bear Fund charity in making public criticisms of the singer.


    Added: 26 Aug 2013

  • Queens Of The Stone Age will make MTV VMA venue a 'twerk free zone' Queens Of The Stone Age have promised that their gig at the Barclay’s Centre later in the year will be ‘relatively twerk-free’.

    Photo: Press

    Added: 23 May 2013

  • Beyonce was a diva backstage at V Festival The Travis frontman complained about the diva-ish behavior, adding that it was most un-British: “I guess that’s how Americans do it but it’s not how we do it in the UK.”

    Photo: Andrew Ford/NME

    Added: 18 Aug 2013

  • Kendrick Lamar may 'dumb down' his lyrics following 'Control' controversy The rapper admitted he was a bit phased by the controversy he stirred, musing that he might have to be a bit more cautious in the future.

    Photo: Pooneh Ghana/NME

    Added: 18 Aug 2013

  • Enter Shikari think the Arctic Monkey’s are rubbish Drummer Rob Rolfe branded the Arctic Monkeys the worst band he has ever seen top the bill at a festival, admitting he wasn’t a big fan of them.

    Photo: Tom Martin/NME

    Added: 28 Jun 2013

  • Wu-Tang Clan are selling a Christmas jumper The blue and gold festive knit is available in extremely limited stock at Shredders Knit Apparel. It’s all yours if you’ve got £51.50 going spare.

    Photo: Shredders Knit Apparel

    Added: 29 Aug 2013

  • Ozzy Osbourne needs help making a sandwich Sharon Osbourne tweeted that the fire brigade had been called after the Black Sabbath frontman started a fire. It’s the second time they’ve been called to the house in a year. Speaking about it, she said: “His eyebrows are gone… he’s got, like, skinned cheeks”.

    Photo: PA

    Added: 10 Nov 2011

  • Nine Inch Nails will take fans behind the scenes with tour documentary The band spill the beans in a new web series documenting their return to the road. The first film features interviews with singer Trent Reznor and other members of the group, as well as their creative director Rob Sheridan, ahead of their performance at the Fuji Rock festival in Tokyo.

    Photo: Tom Martin/NME

    Added: 25 Aug 2013

  • Some priests like Kanye West In his web series ‘Father Matthew Presents’, priest Matthew Moretz has rather bizarrely interpreted the rapper’s lyrics saying ‘Give Kanye a break. This is some heavy deep stuff. It is about prayer, value, idolatry, and he is wrestling with this”.

    Photo: PA

    Added: 07 Jun 2013

  • Paul McCartney announces new single ‘New’ from new album The single is produced by Mark Ronson, just one of the big-name producers who has been working with the Beatles legend on the LP. Others include Adele producer Paul Epworth and Ethan Johns, who has previously worked with Kings of Leon and Laura Marling.

    Photo: PA

    Added: 30 Jul 2012

  • Biffy Clyro are happy to slide down the Reading and Leeds bill Frontman Simon Neil admitted they’re at peace with the thought, saying “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with going back down the bill. If we made an odd record next time around, we wouldn’t expect to be headlining a festival with it, so that’s not something we’re terrified of”

    Photo: Jenn Five/NME

    Added: 27 Aug 2013