15 Things NME Learnt This Week

  • The X Factor contestants have been banned from performing Oasis songs Nicole Appleton is stepping in to assist Louis Walsh with his group. With reports that her husband, Liam Gallagher, fathered a lovechild with a journalist, Walsh has banned contestants from singing any of his songs to save any awkwardness.

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    Added: 02 Nov 2011

  • Noel Gallagher wants to work with Damon Albarn He firmly rejected any chance of him and brother Liam reuniting, but said that he would be interested in working with the Blur frontman: “I like Damon and would be interested in working on something”.

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    Added: 21 Feb 2013

  • Kim Gordon’s going to be in an episode of Girls The Sonic Youth singer didn’t let on what role she will play in the show, or when the episode will air. The band previously appeared on Gossip Girl to perform one of their singles.

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    Added: 06 Sep 2013

  • Wiz Khalifa has been in the studio with Adele He’s recorded tracks with her and Miley Cyrus, but has said that they might not appear on his forthcoming album: “I got a lot of guest appearances that I’ve done, but none of them have been cleared for the album yet”.

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    Added: 16 Nov 2011

  • A hip-hop musical based on Tupac Shakur is being written Titled Hollar If Ya Hear Me, the musical will be an “unconditional love story”, focusing on an “anti-violence” message. The show will be based on the rapper’s music rather than his life story.

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    Added: 21 Mar 2011

  • Bon Iver’s record label have denied that the band is ‘over’ Jagjaguwar scrambled to release a reassuring statement after songwriter Justin Vernon spoke about not writing a new album: “I don’t really write songs any more. I have to be in a specific headspace… and I’m just not there”. The label clarified, saying: “Bon Iver is not over by any means”.

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    Added: 13 Feb 2012

  • Alex Turner is bored of playing the guitar The Arctic Monkeys frontman said he’s gone off it for the moment: “I’m not really that up for playing guitar at the moment, so I’m trying to get everybody else to do it”.

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    Added: 29 Jun 2013

  • The Clash’s new boxset is just like Breaking Bad Mick Jones compared the collection of the bands entire recordings to the hit US TV series: “It’s just the recorded works, presented as best possible – no different from the complete series of Kojak or Breaking Bad”.

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    Added: 21 May 2013

  • The IT Crowd is coming back for one last time The show will be back for its last ever episode at the end of this month. Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry have all returned for it.

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    Added: 06 Sep 2013

  • The Weeknd will call you back As part of promotion for his new album he has launched a phone line where you can leave him a voicemail and get a message back from him, thanking fans for supporting him from being homeless to traveling the world.

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    Added: 29 Oct 2012

  • U2 and Shane MacGowan were invited to Seamus Heaney’s funeral They joined Sinn Fein figure Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness and other figures from Irish politics in paying their last respects to the Irish poet.

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    Added: 03 Jul 2013

  • Music is good for the heart Literally. A report delivered at the European Society of Cardiology’s annual congress in Amsterdam showed that music aided the recovery of patients with heart disease,, with some cardiologists saying that everyone can help their heart health by listening to music.

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    Added: 10 Jul 2013

  • Bez is in trouble with the beekeepers The Bromley Beekeepers Association criticized the Happy Mondays dancer after he claimed it wasn’t difficult to start keeping bees. A spokeswoman for the Bromley Beekeepers Association said “people who begin beekeeping in an impulsive way often give up after a year or two when their bees die out and they become disheartened”.

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    Added: 29 Feb 2012

  • Jack White is the honorary dean of a Mexican music academy He was awarded the title at the Fermatta Music Academy in Mexico City, the first honorary title in the history of the Mexican music academy.

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    Added: 23 Mar 2012

  • The xx are writing a new album Just a year after the release of their second album ‘Coexist’ they’re “feeling inspired and ready to go”. They’re still touring ‘Coexist’, and said “We’ve all lived a lot of life recently, which the new songs will reflect”.


    Added: 01 Jul 2013