20 New Bands To Check Out At Reading & Leeds

  • Parquet Courts' debut album 'Light Up Gold' is one of the best in recent memory, so the New Yorkers are a must-see at Reading & Leeds. Plus - pick up the August 21 issue of NME for an exclusive interview with them about their new EP and next album.

    Photo: Ed Miles/NME

    Added: 06 Jun 2013

  • Childhood's 'Solemn Skies' is one of the breakthrough tracks of 2013, and in Ben Romans-Hopcraft the fourpiece have one of the most exciting new frontmen around.

    Photo: Amy Brammall/NME

    Added: 29 Apr 2013

  • The likes of 'Become What You Are' and 'Anxiety's Door' were built for the grandest of stages, so it'll be captivating to see how Merchandise are received at Reading & Leeds.

    Photo: Pooneh Ghana/NME

    Added: 19 Mar 2013

  • It was nearly two years ago that California X's first track 'Sucker' blew us away – a Dinosaur Jr/Milk Music referencing slice of ultra-powerful US rock that left us frothing at the mouth for more. Finally, they've now made it over to the UK for the first time.

    Photo: Victor Frankowski/NME

    Added: 20 Aug 2013

  • A trio of Bristol brothers who've been steadily wowing festival crowds all over Europe the past six months, The Family Rain are fast becoming masters at penning Britrock masterpieces.

    Photo: Richard Johnson/NME

    Added: 14 Jun 2013

  • Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are supporting Black Sabbath on their arena tour soon, and they've got some seriously good tunes to showcase at Reading & Leeds – we recommend 'I'll Cut You Down' for starters.

    Photo: Press / Ester Segarra

    Added: 15 Mar 2013

  • Brighton-based band The Wytches have been wowing crowds all over London over the past six months. They sorta sound like Arctic Monkeys on a very bad acid trip (in a good way).

    Photo: Press

    Added: 19 Apr 2013

  • Part of the same east-London fraternity as The Horrors and Toy, Charlie Boyer & The Voyers will be playing tracks from their rabidly received debut album at the festival.

    Photo: Jenn Five/NME

    Added: 07 Jun 2013

  • Radio has been all over Half Moon Run since their track 'Full Circle' dropped a few months ago. Reminiscent of mid-90s Radiohead and the more upbeat tracks by Fleet Foxes' oeuvre, it's a captivating listen.

    Photo: Gene Glover/NME

    Added: 21 Jun 2013

  • Has there ever been a better band acronym than Fuck It Dog, Life's A Risk? We doubt it. LA punks FIDLAR will no doubt live up to their name come festival time. Crazy live shows are kind of what they're known for.

    Photo: Jenn Five/NME

    Added: 19 Mar 2013

  • New York-based electro-pop duo MS MR have been causing serious waves since dropping debut LP 'Secondhand Rapture' earlier this year.

    Photo: Pooneh Ghana/NME

    Added: 30 Jun 2013

  • Some of the post-Robyn Scandi-pop doing the rounds feels as twee as a tea cosy, but Denmark's Mø makes electro music with guts.

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    Added: 16 Jul 2013

  • Kettering crew Temples mine 'Tomorrow Never Knows'-era Beatles and owe a debt to Tame Impala, while frontman James Bagshaw looks exactly like Marc Bolan, but the real draw is hearing 'Colours To Life' in all its multi-coloured psychedelic fabulousness.

    Photo: Jenn Five/NME

    Added: 09 Jul 2013

  • Prodigiously talented youngsters The Strypes are worth catching for the facial expressions the guitarist pulls alone.

    Photo: Tom Martin/NME

    Added: 30 Jun 2013

  • Dan Croll's blend of folk and electronica is a chilled-out but intriguing proposition

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    Added: 20 Aug 2013

  • Based in the Big Apple but featuring former Paddington's guitarist Josh Hubbard among their number, Skaters have keenly been lapping up all those NYC Strokes influences over the past 12 months.

    Photo: Guy Eppel/NME

    Added: 20 Aug 2013

  • Brothers Rory and Eoin Loveless are Drenge and we loved their recent debut record, calling it a "sardonic, punky and deeply British twist on the rock double act".


    Added: 01 Jul 2013

  • Australians San Cisco have been winning hearts with pop songs made from jangly guitars and ooh-las.

    Photo: Richard Johnson

    Added: 12 Nov 2012

  • Unsigned duo Slaves from Kent play some of the most intense, raucous and howling rock music you'll hear all weekend. Their best lyric? "Somebody please get me the fuck off this rodeo!" You can't beat that, really.

    Photo: Press

    Added: 20 Aug 2013

  • Blissful sunset pop from…Newcastle?! Well, kind of. Mausi are based up north, although half of the fourpiece were actually born and lived in Milan. When you hear their tunes it all makes sense.

    Photo: Press

    Added: 04 Jul 2012