'The Queen Is Dead' at 30: Marr, Rourke, Joyce And More Pick Their Favourite Songs

30 years on, The Smiths' 'Queen Is Dead' is still a morbid, witty and stunning example of the Manchester and indie icons at the top of their game. We love it so much, we named it the best album ever back in 2013. But which bit does Johnny Marr like the best? And how about Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce? We put the question to them, the other people who were involved with the seminal record, and the famous fans who simply adore it, to get their vote on the album's finest moment.

  • We voted 'The Queen Is Dead' the greatest album of all time. Here, musicians pick their favourite moments from the seminal album


    Added: 21 May 2009

  • 'The Queen is Dead' – Mike Joyce (Drummer)
    “We had to record it separately to keep the driving rhythm. It was to get the best sound for the song.”

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    Added: 27 Nov 2014

  • 'Frankly, Mr Shankly' – Andy Rourke (Bassist)
    “I didn’t even know [when Morrissey first sang it] that Geoff has written him a piece of poetry. When we heard the lyrics it was amusing but a bit shocking to.”

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    Added: 25 Jul 2014

  • 'I Know It’s Over – Graham Coxon (Blur)
    “All the ‘if you’re so funny, why are you on your own tonight’ bit, it’s great.”

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    Added: 13 Apr 2012

  • 'Cemetery Gates' – Guy Garvey (Elbow)
    “I love that there’s a landmark in it, you see coachloads of Japanese kids dressed as Morrissey stopping by the cemetery gates.”

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    Added: 04 Feb 2015

  • 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' – Theo Hutchcraft (Hurts)
    “The greatest opening line to any song ever, along with ‘Bigmouth lah dada dahhh’, the most audaciously pompous indie hook of all time.”

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    Added: 14 Jul 2013

  • 'The Boy With The Thorn In His Side' – Geoff Travis (Rough Trade Records)
    “When they were writing things like this they were at a creative peak that very, very few other bands get to touch.”

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    Added: 13 Jun 2013

  • 'Vicar In A Tutu' – Johnny Marr (Guitarist)
    “I think I was self-conscious about doing something so playful. I had slides going on it and all sorts of stuff but the lyrics being so funny really helped out with the rest of the recording.”

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    Added: 10 Apr 2015

  • 'There Is a Light That Never Goes Out' – Ben Little (Wild Beasts)
    “It’s The Smiths at the height of their musical and lyrical fertility. It conjures up memories of a time in my life where all I dreamt of was to be in a band that was half as good as The Smiths. Still Trying.”

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    Added: 24 May 2016

  • 'Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others' – Stephen Street (Producer)
    “The last track of an album is so important. I had this idea of starting it off making it sound like it’s clattery and distant, fading it out and then fading up this glorious, glossy arpeggiated guitar line and it drifts away at the end. I thought it was a lovely way to end the album.”

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    Added: 25 Feb 2014