Jeremy Corbyn: “We offer hope”

Jeremy Corbyn

The right-wing press hate him, as do many of his own part, but Jeremy Corbyn has become an almost messianic figure of hope to his followers. With only days to go until the general election, NME Editor-in-Chief Mike Williams sits down with the Labour leader to ask him your questions, plus a few of his own, to find out whether his promises of a fairer society and more opportunities for young people are legit, and whether – whisper it – he could actually win.

Gal Gadot

After eight solo Batman movies and six Superman films, it’s finally time for DC’s most iconic female superhero to show the cape-blokes how it’s done. Mark Beaumont shines a light on Gal Gadot, the ass-kicking ex-soldier bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen.

The Wonder List

To celebrate the the release of Wonder Woman this week, we’ve pulled together a list of 10 of the coolest and most important up-and-coming stars in the world who you should get to know better. What connects them? They all share the four pillars that make Wonder Woman the amazing superhero she is: Power, Wonder, Wisdom and Grace.

Jake Johnson

New Girl actor Jake Johnson stars opposite Tom Cruise in The Mummy – and he developed a bit of a crush on him on set. Here’s why Jake says Cruise is a cut above other movie stars.

Ewan Bremner

The Trainspotting actor and star of Wonder Woman talks through his favourite songs.

The Amazons

Snarling, back-to-basics rock with huge choruses.


The inventive trio’s third album is a weird pop juggernaut with a sinister side.

Dua Lipa

The next pop superstar? Dua Lipa’s debut does everything to prove it.

Wonder Woman

It’s taken a while, but the first ever superhero film with both a female protagonist and director is an absolute delight.