Russell Brand – The Controversial Comic Returns

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is back and he’s questioning everything, from politics to fame to fatherhood. Kevin EG Perry meets a man who once thought he could change the world with his ego, but now just wants to understand it a bit better

Social Media

How to kill it on Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as told by the masters

In 2015, Danish oddball MØ co-wrote ‘Lean On’, the most streamed song of all time. As she announces her biggest ever tour, Nick Levine finds out how its mega-success impacted on MØ’s second album – and her life

Paul Weller

Weller’s new album, ‘A Kind Revolution’, is a textbook study in growing old gracefully

Alien: Covenant

Ridley Scott’s latest makes fan service a priority by answering some long-held questions about the Alien universe


London-based boxing drama that combines stellar fighting with personal tragedy


Meet the Norwegian band who make political pop-punk that’s perfect for parties


With Brexit in full swing, the OTT singing competition is the last the last bastion of hope of goodwill with our continental neighbours