!!! - 'Thr!!!er'

The New Yorkers' sound has evolved into something smuttier

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  • Release Date 29 Apr, 2013
  • Record Label Warp
6 / 10
!!! in 2013 are a different prospect to the !!! whose frat-party funk once saw them support Red Hot Chili Peppers. The New Yorkers' sound has, over five albums, evolved into something smuttier. The sexy sax on 'Get That Rhythm Right' has 'swingers' written all over it, and 'One Girl/One Boy' features one-time MC Hammer singer Sonia Moore letting rip alongside frontman Nic Offer like it's cruise-ship karaoke. Offer's vocals have changed, too. He no longer lurks like a man with a constant boner, instead taking on a Jarvis Cocker role with lines such as "Friends told her she was better off at the bottom of a river than in a bed with him" from 'Even When The Water's Cold'. It's still party music, but for a different kind of party.

Tom Howard

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