Album Review: Efterklang - 'Magic Chairs'

Take your seats for the new heroes of experimental indie

Considering that band meetings of Danish post-rock experimentalists probably involve cardigans, no smiling and are set in black and white, you wouldn’t think they’d pass a motion to make a bid for the mainstream. But, after years of self-producing with old tin pots in their Copenhagen bunker, Efterklang’s first release on the legendary 4AD label is packed full of immediate melodies and soul – like on the moving call to arms of ‘Modern Drift’. When they’re not lushing it with strings and pianos, ‘Raincoats’ beautifully apes the awkward funk of Radiohead’s ‘15 Step’, and with main vocalist Casper Clausen sounding like Chris Martin, you can’t help think this is the kind of record Coldplay and Brian Eno should have made.

Matt Warwick

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7 / 10

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