Album Review: Balmorhea - 'Constellations' (Western Vinyl)

An album dragging along at a turgid pace

The term neo-classical is so nebulous as to make it useless. Far away from the modern chamber pop of Owen Pallett and minimalism of Peter Broderick is the easy-listening/post-rock-influenced atmospherics of Balmorhea. Their vision is so focused on piano and guitar tone and so opposed to the notion of tunefulness that MGMT’s new stuff seems like ‘Motown Chartbusters 3’ in comparison. ‘Constellations’ drags along at a turgid pace. But just when all interest feels like it is draining away, the album ends by entering the sublime with a short exploration of a fragile drone and a heavenly choir drifting in and out of the mix, along with controlled feedback on ‘Palestrina’. One classic track, if naught else.

John Doran

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6 / 10

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