Album Review: Scissor Sisters - 'Night Work' (Polydor)

A striking reinvention for Shears and co

By their second album ‘Ta Dah’, Scissor Sistors had more in common with Sean from Corrie than the hedonistic New York gay scene of the ’70s. When Jake Shears realised what they’d become, he walked out of the band and went on a year-long binge in East Berlin, where the spirit of the Danceteria was still alive. From the Tesco provoking Robert Mapplethorpe cover shot down, ‘Night Work’ makes no apologies; Stuart Price creates a sound that is fierce and muscular. The single ‘Fire With Fire’ marries euphoric pop with aggressive defiance. Fitting for a record concerned with the hours of darkness, ‘Night Work’, ahem, climaxes with a six-minute hit of pure dancefloor ecstasy. ‘Invisible Light’ is a hypnotic come-hither to the party. Sorry Plan B, but this here is the year’s most striking reinvention.

Dan Martin

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7 / 10

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