Album Review: The Rural Alberta Advantage - 'Hometowns' (Saddle Creek)

An album taking us back to the splendour of lo-fi American indie

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of modern indie is the disappearance of Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum, last heard of shunning the dim spotlight of underground acclaim somewhere in upstate New York. Lucky, then, that The Rural Alberta Advantage are here to continue his work. Taking Mangum’s recorded-on-cardboard lo-fi folk epics as their ground zero, TRAA turn in the best alt.debut of the year – ‘Don’t Haunt This Place’ is Death Cab with a bursting heart and an eight-armed drummer and ‘The Deadroads’ should really be called ‘Neighborhood #3 (Epilepsy)’. As awesome as only a 21st century ‘In An Aeroplane…’ can be.

Mark Beaumont

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