Album review: Sky Larkin – ‘Kaleide’ (Wichita)

Leeds three-piece ride comeback wave with ease

Retaining your sprightly playfulness while making a mature comeback isn’t easy, but Sky Larkin straddle the two with ease. ‘Tiny Heist’ deals with adult aspirations while skipping from post-punk drumming to brightly galloping guitar, and Katie Larkin’s blithe lyrical technique often points to a much deeper truth, as on ‘ATM’ – “Was I harrowed to the marrow when I felt shallow to the shock?” The only letdown is ‘Anjelica Huston’, the Addams Family matriarch’s name intoned ad nauseam. Musically it’s brilliant though, military drums and stabbing organs throwing hints to Arcade Fire. “I know there’s potential”, she sings on ‘Still Windmills’. Sky Larkin have it in spades.

Laura Snapes

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8 / 10

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