Album review: Caitlin Rose - 'Own Side Now' (Names)

Starlet proves folk belongs to young 'uns too

Folk these days are sticklers for authenticity if you dabble in genres that had their heyday before you were born – just ask Laura Marling. Some might quibble about Nashville native Caitlin Rose’s debut, loath to believe that this gorgeous, bright collection was written by a 22-year-old, but they’d be wrong to. Indebted to the glorious hymnal quality of Linda Ronstadt and perky heartbreak chroniclers The Shangri-Las, it’s laced with quirky observations rather than smoochy country platitudes. Similarities to She And Him abound, but minus Zooey’s showtune splendour, the vulnerability in Caitlin’s voice chimes as true as the clink of a quarter in an old jukebox.

Laura Snapes

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8 / 10

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