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While [a]Chicks On Speed[/a] are all international jet-trash glam-art noise, [a]Lolita Storm[/a] are finding it hard to leave the common room behind...

Lipstick, shouting, speed, shouting, boys, shouting, Superdrug shampoo, shouting. Welcome to Lolita Storm - perfumed zombie children recently signed up to Alec Empire's DHR revolution action squad. Suburban, bored and murderous, they're currently preoccupied with swigging Martini behind the bus shelter, but the random assassination of major European industrialists shouldn't be beyond them.

This sort of punk terror is, of course, exactly what we need. However, while Chicks On Speed are all international jet-trash glam-art noise, Lolita Storm are finding it hard to leave the common room behind. Rarely can a 25-minute set be described as too long but the energy blast of opener 'Red Hot Riding Hood' soon dissipates as the girls gasp through 'Hot Lips, Wet Pants'. There's something ever so slightly creepy about Lolita Storm. And that something is personified in Destroy shirt-wearing Svengali Jimmy Too-Bad, who stands at the back, pushing the buttons and pulling the strings. He looks at least 35 and he's hanging out with three girls half his age.

DHR's characteristic drum'n'bleed sonics deserve better than this. Lolita Storm are hanging out at the shopping mall chewing bubblegum when they should be burning it down.

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