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[a]Polak[/a] prove, that without having any great ideas, infatuation and passion can be enough...

Rock'n'roll should never, in Hollywood jive, be pitched. You know, a career planned carefully from inception to chartdom. And it's not only bands who sit in bedrooms making lists, at the same moment heavy record company dudes are sitting around tables asking each other, "Can we own this?" and, "Hey, let's run it up the flagpole and see who salutes!" The magic of music is surely that it comes from the weirdest places.

Brothers Pete and Kryz Fijalkowski know about the failures of the best-laid plans having been involved in arch losers Adorable and The Bardots respectively. With Polak the polemics have gone and they're letting it all hang out tonight. The cool bastards are also sporting the best haircuts to grace the Monarch all year.

They're still a little Bunnymen fixated, but what they've kept is the Mac arrogance which saves them from being indie-lite invisible - especially on 'Nobody's Cowboy Song' and 'Get Out Of My Sky', which is a dizzy, sprawling dogfight. The rest of the set is pretty simple - a natural outpouring of the band's innate understanding of rock'n'roll.

Polak prove, that without having any great ideas, infatuation and passion can be enough.

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