Badly Drawn Boy Disillusion Twisted Nerve

Badly Drawn Boy

Disillusion (Twisted Nerve)

It starts exactly like ZZ Top's 'Gimme All Your Lovin''.

Then it becomes, briefly, 'Summer Breeze' by the Isley Brothers.

Yes, it's Damon Gough again, up to his mischievous, charming and

consistently wonderful sonic tricks. Longtime mates the Doves are here too

- on bass, guitar and drums - and the overall effect is one of a naively

infectious, giddy afternoon jam session. Like his debut album,

'Disillusion' is surprisingly fluid, hooky and accomplished for

Manchester's most notoriously snafu-ridden musician. For added incentive, he also

takes his Beatles/skiffle affection out for an airing with B-side

'Bottle Of Tears', then polishes it all off with the ultra-noisy,

self-explanatorily titled 'Wrecking The Stage'. Superb stuff.

April Long

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