We want to change society

Suncoil Sect We Want To Change Society(Dishy)

Suncoil Sect

We Want To Change Society (Dishy)

Promises, promises. For all the early indications of sonic upheaval,Suncoil Sect haven't exactly gone at the business of revolution with hammer and tongs. Their 1998 debut 'Counterculture' inspired a few moments of insurrectionist head-nodding, but this much-delayed follow-up by a Bristol duo (who, On-watchers, used to be High Coin until all that singing and guitar-playing got a little stale) merely hints at dub psychedelics with some breakbeat loops which won't alter the landscape one iota. That said, it's a decent few minutes of music to drool to,

and the Third Eye mix on the flipside is nice and jazz.

Keith Cameron

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