Tricity Tiara

Woodbine Tricity Tiara(Domino)


Tricity Tiara(Domino)

Woodbine hail from Birmingham - not Birmingham, Alabama, sadly, but Birmingham, West Midlands - Balsall Heath to be precise. Their music is steeped in seductive, Smog-style melancholic Americana, however, never more so than here. 'Tricity Tiara', guitars toyed with like heartstrings, evokes the sounds of crickets out beyond the porch, ill-advisedly uncorking another bottle of wine as you lie slumped on the hearth, contemplating the pit of despair that is your life, caught between opening your heart and opening your veins. All much more pleasurable than it sounds. 'Seeing The Sights', featuring a wonky,

off-kilter one-note synth and Susan Dillane's remote, fragile vocals is further indication of Woodbine's off-message charm.

David Stubbs

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