Bugged Out! Weekender - Sunday

It's been a long weekend...

When you find sweetness and light round these parts, you have to grab

it sharpish, and happily the schedules have given us rather a lot of the stuff. NME.COM, frankly, has not gone to bed, and our leg muscles have turned to custard. So it's quite a pleasure to be able to totter around the compound and hear fine hip-hop decksman Sub Tub playing Roxanne Shante, Fred Deakin from Lemon Jelly playing lots of ancient jazzy oddness and Mr. Scruff playing, er, Paul Weller. Hmm. Never mind.

Someone has placed Twister boards in front of the second stage, ready

for Bent's arrival - optimistically, you feel, seeing as placing one foot in front of the other to walk is pretty much the limits of most people right now. Still, it's a nice gesture, one compounded when Bent play the splendid 'I Love My Man'.

By now, the last remaining/upright punters are scattered far and

wide, and this analogue swell of sound is rendered little more than

background noise. Not strictly fair - and we can extend sympathies to

Tim 'Love' Lee and Rob Da Bank, too - but it's been a long weekend.

Noel Gardner

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