Point Break: What About Us

Here we find The Break in poignant, guitar-playing mode...

Not, you would think, the kind of question you should be bandying around when you're record label are happily dropping most of their medium-sized pop acts. In fact a single entitled 'Who? Us? Nah, Mate, We're The Cleaners' might have been a little wiser.

Here we find The Break in poignant, guitar-playing mode. "What about us?" they sing. And how right they are. The problem is that there are no bangs or clanks or any of the big things that made 'Do We Rock?' so exciting and you can't imagine a pyrotechnic display accompanying this when the lads make their 2012 comeback appearance at Wembley.

A shame but, you imagine, the pop world will struggle on somehow.

Peter Robinson
7 / 10

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