Keith & Shane : Girl You Know It's True

Their rapping is proof positive that people should not listen to rap unsupervised...

Without wishing to over-analyze things, this really is about more than this song isn't it? It's Keith and Shane showing that they aren't the talentless ones in Boyzone (Mikey - you da man!). It's Keith and Shane having a dig at Westlife who have stolen some of their glory (and who share their management and fans). It's Shane trying to assert his hardness at Puff Daddy who he nearly had a fight with at last year's MTV Awards. It's about having a go in public without getting sued. It's a wonder this track can rotate beneath the weight of all these issues.

Originally recorded by a couple of professional dancers known as Milli Vanilli, 'Girl You Know It's True' has now been stripped down to its chorus while the boys rap the verses. And there, Houston, is the problem. Their rapping is proof positive that people should not listen to rap unsupervised. These guys couldn't rap a present.

So while what they have to say would have been more interesting if they'd said it direct to NMEPOP.COM, having issues with your friends, management and your image is not justification for unleashing this steaming pile of poo on us.

Jacqueline Springer

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