Godhead : 2000 Years Of Human Error

This is nu-goth with pretensions an all too human error in this pitiless industrial age.

Here's a thing: every nu-goth-metal band now wafting sulphurously around stadiums covers a ten-years-plus-

old UK hit. Marilyn Manson, with whom Godhead are currently on tour, started it all with 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)'. Orgy ruin 'Blue Monday'. Disturbed, also on the God, Guns And Government tour, do a scary martial version of Tears For Fears' 'Shout'. So it's a mark of Godhead's distance from the

nu-way (not far from the new wave, it seems) that their chosen corpse to kiss is... 'Eleanor Rigby'.

Not that Godhead are the frigid wusses of the dungeon. Far from it. The ugly thrust of songs like 'Break You Down' and 'Penetrate' slot the Washington DC foursome smack into the heart of bondage'n'synths electro-rock. Guitarist Mike Miller plays guitar like he's levelling earth. Fucked-up singer Jason Miller is in touch with his inner ghoul. Although you suspect this Cure fan feels more for "all the lonely people" than your average gimp with an amp.

It's just that a little open-mindedness is a dangerous thing in nu-goth. So is a little musicality. Danny Saber produced this, their fourth record, and it often sounds like 'Head programmer and bass bod The Method would sell a kidney to make techno with him rather than pouring pianos and digitals into Godhead's swirl of dark synth rock. Miller sings, too, rather than just hollering, determined to be something other than a slamming soundtrack. This is nu-goth with pretensions an all too human error in this pitiless industrial age.

Kitty Empire
5 / 10

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