Jill Scott : A Long Walk

The second single release from Jill Scott's brilliant 'This Is Jill Scott...' album...

It's pretty hard to believe that this is just the second release from the unbelievably beautiful 'This Is Jill Scott 'Words & Sounds Vol 1' album. And since we've all got on with living, loving, breaking up and making up since Scott's picture-perfect lyricism arrived, it's fitting that the softly-softly delight that is 'A Long Walk' should call us back to her once again.

This is a simple love song about simple pleasures: Scott's honeyed voice sings of something seemingly inaccessible in today's stressed-filled times: spending time with your boo, walking, talking, simply being. I know. When was the last time you did that (especially if yo' ass has just been kicked to the kerb recently)?

But even if you have a wo/man, even if you prefer to sleep with your partner than talk to them, this evocative slice of romanticism has a place in your world.

Soul mama
8 / 10

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