Dixie Chicks : There's your trouble

So are the Dicksy Chix from the dirty, smelly, six-fingered mutant-hillbilly-out-of[I]-Deliverance[/I] side of 'country'? Or, are they just dyed-blonde [a]Celine Dion[/a] clones posing in crude hand-t

So are the Dicksy Chix from the dirty, smelly, six-fingered mutant-hillbilly-out-of-Deliverance side of 'country'? Or, are they just dyed-blonde Celine Dion clones posing in crude hand-tooled cowboy boots? And what slobberingly sulphurous demon-beast from the ninth circle of Hell inspired them to do a reggae version of 'Stand By Your Man' as a B-side? Jesus fucking Christ taking it up the arse from a 7ft tall car park attendant called Clive! Are there no depths of evil which the record industry will leave untrawled!?

The slick'n'sickly Dix are a vile abomination. What kind of arsehole takes the word 'Dixie' - with its associations with slavery and apartheid - for a name anyway? It's like a German band calling themselves the Auschwitz Angels. The South sucked. They got their asses kicked clean off in the Civil War because they were scummy Nazis. And God hates Nazis. 'Dixie' - like the swastika and

the Confederate flag - is a badge

of shame.

As for the pre-chewed, de-boned, plastic-wrapped pseudo-country muzak here enclosed - let's just say that it makes The Corrs sound like Anal C--. Talking of which - can you believe the rapturous reception Texas got at Glastonbury? Who let these people in? Dress-code-enforcing huge snob bouncer at the gates next year, please!

Steven Wells

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