Moby : Bodyrock

Whatever - welcome back, [a]Moby[/a], welcome back to good music [I]and [/I]to the human race!

Mad vegan bigots - with their plastic shoes and paper-thin skulls - are self-evidently not capable of making top dance-rocker bopalongs as sexy as this. We are therefore forced to conclude that Mr Moby - formerly pop's mental lentil-munching Pontiff Of Tofu - has recently renounced his ridiculous diet and rediscovered the healthy, heady and sensual joy-joys of consuming animal flesh. Obviously, we can only speculate as to why Ole Mobe decided to stop being a species-traitor. Maybe he accidentally caught a delicious whiff of frying bacon? Or the irresistible perfume emitted by a couple of juicy lamb's kidneys a'hissing and a'sizzling in their own fat? Whatever - welcome back, Moby, welcome back to good music and to the human race!

Steven Wells

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