Whispering Bob : Don't bring me down

Quite possibly the worst record ever. Except for everything by [a]Suede[/a], of course.

Slagging off Shifty Disco singles is a bit like stamping on blind puppies, ie, easy but cruel. Far better to toss them into the slavering jaws of the crocs where the cute little bastards will be assured of a relatively quick and painless death. Christ! Shifty


even started tagging itself "home of predictable but enthusiastic generic guitar bands". Not bad, but how about - All Our Records Are Fucking Rubbish - it's shorter, snappier and much easier to put on


T-shirt. Fuxzake! Are you PROUD of being crap or something, you



Whispering Bob come from somewhere called Steventon and have decided to dedicate their lives to sounding exactly like Jonah Lewie (don't ask your grandad) but without any tunes. Quite possibly the worst record ever. Except for everything by Suede, of course.

Stevie Chick

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