Beastie Boys : Scientist of sound

Almost-the-same old same old, in other words.

So the long, tedious reign of theBeastie Boys continues. We

must bow before them and worship everything that bears their touch for they are the hip-hop kings. That's what everyone keeps telling me anyway. But sod that.


'Scientist Of Sound' is an eight-track collection of

remixes, the first in a projected Grand Royal hip-hop series called 'The Blow Up Factor'. If you care at all about the Beastie Boys, you'll probably have everything here anyway. If not, don't waste your time with this. 'Intergalactic' sounds exactly as it did the first time round with a few added scratches and distressed sounds to make you worry that your record player's being brutally murdered. 'Negotiation Limerick File' is here a mere three times while 'Body Movin'' appears twice (once as an instrumental, er, cheers guys) and neither are as much cop as the originals. Almost-the-same old same old, in other words.

Siobhan Grogan

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