Houston, Whitney : My love is your love

Though this is both soft, and very, very long, it is, to be fair, on the strong side, too.

Are you sitting comfortably? Whitney's taken the Lauryn Pill. You knowowowowow, howowowowowow it wooooooorks


due to the 'soulful' nature of what she's communicating,

Lauryn Hill takes five times longer than she really needs to express herself. It's embarrassing for the poor kid. No-one lets


order in restaurants any more. She can't go to the football.

Whitney doesn't seem to mind. She's got in Wyclef


to write this fairly nice soppiness, in which she envisages what


would say if anyone asked her what she did in World War III (this


"saw the destruction", incidentally, rather than "went shopping in Neutral Territory"), and it takes her quite a while to sing it. Now Wyclef's had a go at her, Whitney singing 'Orgasm Addict' would last longer the Oberammergau Passion Play, but though this is both soft, and very, very long, it is, to be fair, on the strong side, too.


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