Fiver : Chalet Motel EP

Fiver are the runt of the US psychedelic rock litter....

Like the Watership Down bunny wabbit they are quite charmingly named after, Fiver are the runt of the US psychedelic rock litter. Part Grandaddy (this is produced by bearded honcho Jason Lytle,

who is also their neighbour), part Mercury Rev, they lack the magic of both but come through with a defeated sweetness entirely their own. Understated, yet gushy. Spectral, yet earthy. Compelling, yet mostly tuneless. The three tracks we have here - 'Chalet Motel', 'Mini-Bunny' and 'One Mile An Hour' are sleepy, meandering, and gorgeous. Also important proof that not everyone from Modesto, California cultivates unflattering facial hair.

April Long

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