Arab Strap : Turbulence - The Remixes

Bis get to remind the world that they were into '80s-retro [I]years[/I] before it was fashionable.

It's a brave soul who offers to take Aidan 'Songs In The Key Of Wanking' Moffat and co dancing, but that's exactly what Bis do on their reworking of 'Turbulence'. Of course, it's a fittingly seedy sortie, Moffat's pickled whisper jarring perfectly with the clinical electroid sheen and retro-futurist swish, so it's impossible not to imagine him standing in some tacky club, eyeing up the fillies, swaying gently and absent-mindedly pissing himself. Both parties win out here, the Strap's errant melancholia well-served by the banality of the groove, while Bis get to remind the world that they were into '80s-retro years before it was fashionable. They're surely due a reassessment sometime soon?

Stevie Chick

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