Delinquent Habits : London Camden Jazz Cafe

Emerging from record label hell, LA's Delinquent Habits prove ready to fulfil their potential...

Hip-hop might've originated from the Bronx, but it's spread to every corner of the globe. And the infection goes both ways; the more international a music it becomes, the more influences it absorbs and the broader the sound gets.

Take the burgeoning Latino hip-hop quarter: once a marginalised province, it has mercilessly hijacked mainstream hip-hop culture, through the music of crews like The Beatnuts, Cuban Link and Big Pun (RIP). LA's Delinquent Habits, sometime bong-mates with Cypress Hill, have spent the last couple of years in record label hell, but on the evidence of tonight's show, they're more than ready to re-emerge.

Delinquent Habits aren't exactly subtle and they tend to rap a lot about "going loco" but their strength lies in the sheer swaggering stomp of their tracks. Single 'Return Of The Tres' boasts the most irresistible and brilliantly obvious hook since 'Simon Says', a trick they repeat on 'The Kind' with similarly fine results. Impressive freestyles from Ives and co-rapper Kemo aside, Delinquent Habits are brilliantly unconcerned with any concepts of rap purism, preferring to burn the rulebook and just cook up the finest rabble-rousing crossover hip-hop since Cypress got too blunted.

Come the summer you won't be able to resist.

Stevie Chick

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