OPM : Heaven Is A Halfpipe

Now skaters have their own anthem for the summer months too

As if having to fear for your life in your local Tesco car park wasn't enough, now skaters have their own anthem for the summer months too. Already heavily played on radio and music TV, don't think you'll be able to escape it just because you get motion sickness looking at a skateboard either. Setting its sights loosely between the Beavis And Butt-head rock of Blink-182 ("If I die before I wake/At least in heaven I can skate" it notes, philosophically) and the gawky nerd-pop of bands like Wheatus, it bounces along merrily with its tongue in its cheek (we hope) and its eye set firmly on the charts. But if you didn't already know what a halfpipe was before this brought it to your attention, you'll probably remain immune to OPM's charms. One of those situations where ignorance is your best defence, really.

Siobhan Grogan

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