Royksopp : Eple

More hummable, and certainly more ethical, than the new Burzum material...

Style mag darlings Royskopp are from the Norwegian town of Bergen, which is best known for being the spiritual home of the church-burning black metal scene of the early-'90s. Now, though, most of those bands have either broken up, been imprisoned or gone mad, and the new folky, acoustic Bergen scene - led by NAM practitioners Kings Of Convenience - couldn't be more different. Typical of the new delicate Bergen sound, 'Eple' is OK, being a jolly work of bleepy whimsy which sails a little too close to big beat for its own good. Still, it's more hummable, and certainly more ethical, than the new Burzum material (Burzum's singer Varg Vikernes is in jail for murdering his friend and now concentrates on making

electronic noise records with far right leanings).

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Andy Capper

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