Depeche Mode : I Feel Loved

Iggy's 'Dirt' is also here, reworked into a slo-mo gothcore stomp...

Post-drugs contentment may have given the Mode their best album in years but there is still a vague air of mid-life drift about tracks like this plush, polished, executive-class disco pastiche full of expensive noises but not much passion. Still, it certainly exudes more authentic dancefloor zing than superstar DJ Danny Tenaglia's flaccid house mix, which reeks of a lazy contractual obligation bashed out on the way to catch a flight to Ibiza. Iggy's 'Dirt' is also here, reworked into a slo-mo gothcore stomp. Trent Reznor must be spinning in his grave. You know, the one where

he sleeps.

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Stephen Dalton

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