Supersister : Shopping

Truly terrible follow-up to 'Coffee' sees Supersister attempt to set back the feminist movement about 30 years...

Lovers of degrading, misogynist rubbish should queue outside Our Price for this: an immortally crap ode to the thing all you girls out there love the most. Supersister come from the same sorry conveyor belt of naff brit-girl bands as Atomic Kitten but with this slab of sub-Geri Halliwell nonsense they are ploughing an entirely new trench of inanity in modern pop.

"You know it really sounds corny, shopping really makes me horny," coo da 'Sista who will almost certainly be doing a PA at Monsoon Accessorize in Guildford by the time you read this. Incidentally, if you ever wondered why former Smash Hits editor and ubiquitous nostalgia show cue-card reader Kate Thornton is so fucking thick, it's because she's listened to shit like this for a living for the last decade.

Jim Wirth
1 / 10

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