Skinny : Nottingham Rock City

A band with one eye on America's taste for stadium electronica...

Two years ago, Skinny were being tipped for chart success off the back of an annoyingly catchy single called, ironically, 'Failure'. Tonight, they're playing with a local stoner rock band on a night sponsored by a lager company.

As it's still light, there's echoes of mid-afternoon in the festival dance tent but new material like E-munching anthem 'Coming Up Roses' with its swaggering "I'm the king of England" chorus, hints that this London four-piece have at least one eye on America's taste for stadium electronica. The dubby 'Morning Light' is the other side of the coin, a sombre tale of doing an early-morning runner from a doomed relationship, while a spritely run through 'Failure' finally gets some response from the crowd.

Victory clawed from the jaws of defeat, then, but only by the thinnest of margins.

Martin Horsfield

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