The Strokes : Last Nite

You know, they could go a long way, this lot...

Never heard of them. Still, these so-called ''The Strokes' sound like quite a promising young band, and they might do all right provided they don't look too awful.

Woah! Wobbly lines! Strange flashback sequence! That was the situation about a year ago, when 'Last Nite' first arrived as one of the tracks on the band's debut 'Modern Age' EP, and now here it is again to stand on its own, now we are fully appraised of the band's skinny majesty. So Julian Casablancas' tale of teenage confusion you know already, but maybe less familiar is the second track, ,'When It Started', that replaces 'New York City Cops' on the band's album in the US. It's pretty weird. Starts sounding like a very bad indie record indeed, before developing a strange church hymn vibe all of its own, and truly finding its feet. You know, they could go a long way, this lot.

John Robinson

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