Geri Halliwell : Calling

In this Bond - theme like number, Geri's calling. We're otherwise engaged...

You have to pity the British forces in Oman. Not enough that they could at any moment be called into action against a foe of terrible cunning, they also have to put up with someone else's idea of what might 'cheer them up', in this case, a nutcase in a bikini who last ate a carbohydrate in 1999. It's war you say? Send forGeri Halliwell!

Speaking of the war on terror, 'Calling' is a ballad. More worrying, Geri seems to have picked up most of her techniques on the interpretation of song from her chum the Woeful Williams, a man who could cluelessly emote the eye in the sky traffic bulletin, and one day, hopefully will. Anyway, in this Bond theme like number, Geri 's calling. We're otherwise enaged.

John Robinson

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