Sum 41 : Motivation

The arena tour beckons...

North American punk as practised by Sum 41 (yes, Toronto counts) isn’t about anything. Like the chat show or the cola, it’s simply a format that performs well in the market place if you stick to the formula and Sum 41 know that formula. It’s why their album’s called ‘All Killer, No Filler’ – they’re guaranteeing that every track has that punk oomph, the Green Day sing-a-long chorus: like punk? You’ll love this. It’s smart marketing masquerading as dumb rock’n’roll and ‘Motivation’, the third sound-a-like from ‘All Killer...’, plugs more coins into the fanbase as they power ever upwards. They may have the punk hooks and the punk looks, but Sum 41 have the dead-eyed gaze of young executives. The arena tour beckons...

Ted Kessler

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