Faithfull, Marianne : Kissin' Time

Grand dame of rock seeks ‘young blood’...

Sometimes it takes others to see you better than you see yourself.

The grand dame of depravity wanted to make sure that this (her first album

n three years) wouldn’t miss, so she asked for a little help from her

friends - like Jarvis Cocker - cleverly setting herself

up as the muse to inspire the genius of others.

Of her collaborators, it’s Jarvis who gets a handle

on her best, taking inspiration from her memoirs to construct the no-apologies, quintessentially

Pulp, ‘Sliding...’. Beck

provides the albums most uncomfortable moment -

the flaccid electro-hump of ‘Sex With Strangers’ - and, with the touchingly

reflective 'Like Being Born', one of its best. ‘Song For Nico’, which pays

tribute to another largely tuneless blonde icon, fails to be embarrassing

despite the involvement of Dave Stewart.

In her music, as in her life, everything revolves around sex - but unseemly

as it is for a woman of a certain age to frug bawdily alongside Damon

Albarn, Marianne gets away with it.

April Long
7 / 10

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