Tricky : A Rough Guide To...

Listener-friendly guide to Bristol maverick...

If an artist's duty is to constantly evolve and

engage both the inner and outside worlds with

truth, then Tricky has been an artist supreme.

A notoriously difficult, and often misunderstood

character, he has slowly matured from Bristol

roots with Massive Attack, and his blueprints

for the now defunct trip-hop genre, to the maverick

oddball of today.

As retrospectives go, '…Rough Guide''s compilation of

pre-millennial tracks, overlooks more extreme manifestations

of an undoubted talent in favour of accessibility.

Tricky has never been straightfoward, though. And a

strange and fearful psychic landscape underlines

episodes as diverse as the apocalyptic 'Aftermath'

and an unusually sensitive 'Scrappy Love'. He's

since moved on, as expected.

Dele Fadele

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