Saves The Day : At Your Funeral

Nasty. And, really very nice...

There are two kinds of emo. In one, well-educated punkish young people get all traumatised to loud guitars and/or poetry (hello, Thursday and Dashboard Confessional). In the other, well-educated punkish young people swap pain for pop hooks (take a bow, Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring).

This is the emo that's currently sweeping branches of Urban Outfitters, and 'At Your Funeral' is its next inescapable theme tune. It knows it, too, declaring that "this song will become the anthem of your underground" in a tongue-in-cheek way, because underneath the irresistible mall-punk melody, this is a song about burials and death wishes and generally wondering if you'd piss on your worst enemy if they were on fire. Nasty. And, really very nice.

Kitty Empire

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