Flaming Lips : Do You Realize??

A million Christmas carols poured into a cosmic jelly mould

A million Christmas carols poured into a cosmic jelly mould. Jesus scuffing his sandals on a sunbeam. Such purple-hued praise is all in a day's work for Flaming Lips, a band whose modus operandi is, if anything, growing bolder with age. The first single to be plucked from 'Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots', it's the grandest bout of metaphysical restlessness this side of Milton. "Do you realize" sings Wayne Coyne while micro-scootering along the Yellow Brick Road, "that everyone you know, one day, will die?" We did. But we never thought such a sentiment could sound so joyous. If you hear a warmer, more heart-swellingly

human record this year, we'll eat our hyperbole with chips.

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Sarah Dempster

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