Truth Hurts : Addictive

Somehow both avant garde and bang on the commercial money

New from the Dr Dre franchise, ‘Addictive’ is actually produced by his right-hand man DJ Quik, but the good Doctor’s trademarks are all over it: the diamond-hard beats, the lazer-guided vocal performance, the fact that it seems to have been beamed down from an ineffably funky parallel universe.

Then just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, there’s a superb rap courtesy of Rakim, the 80s hip hop legend to whom all contemporary rappers rightly bow the knee. And we haven’t mentioned Truth Hurts herself, who sings with an intensity that verges on the frightening. Somehow both avant garde and bang on the commercial money, this is yet another triumph for the hip-hop Brian Wilson.

Alex Needham

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