The Soundtrack Of Our Lives : 21st Century Rip Off

...the fourth best track from their almighty ‘Behind The Music’ album...

Soundtrack return with the fourth best track from their almighty ‘Behind The Music’ album. Otherworldly when the runes are on their side (see: their Sunday lunchtime slot at Glastonbury) and merely great when they’re not, Soundtrack exhibit a tunefulness and depth far beyond the colour-coded looning of Hives, and, let’s face it, the White Stripes. Even Uncle Noel Gallagher loves them. Five years ago, of course, such an honour would have ensured Ebbot enough psychedelic cassocks to last him ‘til Doomsday. Now it just means swapping small talk with Alan White on a never-ending North American Tour supporting Oasis. As Ebbot moans herein: "Everyone’s been cheated by everyone..."

Jason Fox

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