JJ72 : Formulae

The mundane has rarely sounded so sublime



(Lakota Records)

Shame Mark Greaney sounds like a chipmunk, otherwise listening to JJ72

would be a pure, mirthless pleasure.

As it is, though, the effort taken to repress an irreverent smirk (and check to ensure the CD is playing at the right speed) momentarily gets in the way of appreciating ‘Formulae’ for what it is – an exuberant, earnest and quite lovely ode to the everyday. Greaney says it’s about "cherishing when you brush your teeth", which would make it a great accompaniment for a Colgate commercial, if only we could find that bit in the lyrics.

When it comes to chest-beating about the banal (see earlier singles ‘Snow’, ‘Oxygen’, etc), JJ72

can’t be faulted. The mundane has rarely sounded so sublime.

April Long

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