The Polyphonic Spree : Hanging Around

A Swingle Singers for the Tiga & Zyntherius generation...

Composing a telephone-directory-sized rider for selected venues around the country as you read this, it's The Polyphonic Spree: twenty-five happy-clappy freakoid motherfuckers filled so full of goddamn optimism it makes you sick. Splendidly, though, 'Hanging Around' is a minor work of white magic wonder - a fantasy-land symphony as much influenced by Walt Disney as it is Wayne Coyne, evoking a meadow full of lyre-strumming centaurs and horn-tooting elves. Still, at some point, the Polyphonic Spree's record company is going to realise that given the right drugs, Grandaddy could sound like this with five members, and plan some serious cost-cutting. Watch yourself, tambourine-basher - no-one's indispensable.

Louis Pattison

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