They Built The Ships That Sank

They know that post-rock loves a good shipwreck...

There is sad-core. And, then there is just plain sad. Fourth Quartet love the music ofLow, Red House Painters and Slint; music that's made a virtue of being inconsolable. They understand that sadness is best when it's at snail's pace, and its near-cousin, brooding, with serrated, jarring guitars. They know, too, that post-rock loves a good shipwreck. But what Fourth Quartet don't get is that you can't just slap a seafaring disaster on top of some indifferent moping and expect poignancy. It takes a little more navigation than that.

This is a creaky vessel, at best. The best bits of 'The Hope Part' shiver with portent, while 'Rockets Into Buildings' does languorous things to guitars. But the sample of a shouting preacher at the end of 'Song Of The End' is one rock on which the Quartet founder; the singer's anguished rasp is another. This is no sunken treasure.
4 / 10

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