The Coral : Don't Thinnk You're The First


The Coral

Don't Think You're The First (DELTASONIC)

On which the whole of their debut album is melted down and recast into a handy four minute beginner's guide to Coral's world. Flutes, cossack stomping, Hawaiian guitar, submariney echo noises, shimmering cymbals and possibly the odd kitchen sink or two all combine in what has been scientifically proven by Merseyologists to be the Scousest record of all time. This approach has resulted in a winningly eerie piece of school orchestra psych - something helped by the presence of a melodica solo, an instrument that only looks cool when played by septuaganarian dub musicians or primary school bands. Still, Coral don't care. They know that one day the Joe Meek fans will inherit the earth. Tremendous.

Pat Long

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